ThunderFlex Therapeutic Stress Ball

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ThunderFlex Therapeutic Stress Ball

Introducing the all new ThunderFlex Ball by Squishy Industries. The heavy weight ball is super flexible and super squishy. Squeeze it, squish it, squash it - it's the ultimate therapeutic stress ball. 

These amazing balls have a soft rubber skin and are filled with a proprietary formulation licensed exclusively by Squishy Industries. 

The combination of weight, flexibility, and moldibility give the ThunderFlex an unique and satisfying feel.


Perfect for: Stress and Anxiety Relief, Exercise, Massage Aid, and Physical Therapy. 


Also Possibly Perfect for:  
Makes a great Anniversary Present
Helps with Mommy/Daddy Issues
Amazing as a Road Rage Projectile
Not 100% bullet proof, but still great for Self Defense
Cures HPV according to our receptionist
Makes an unforgettable addition to a Funeral Gift Bag
Creates the Perfect Bulge for your dating app photo.
Accepted as a Form of Currency at most major banks in Monowi, Nebraska.
Can be used as a weapon against Nickelback Groupies


No medical claims made or implied. We cannot confirm nor deny any rumors about the healing powers of the ThuderFlex Ball.