Air Filled Squishies

Need a squeeze? When you're feeling stressed or just need something to occupy your hands when you're nervous or bored, our Gel Filled Squishies are sure to meet your squeezing needs! Made from the finest of materials and design to maximize your squeezing pleasure, these squishy toys are filled with gel, which gives them a very unique feeling when they are pressed, grabbed and pulled. Our collection includes gel filled stress balls in a variety of sizes to suit big hands and little ones, attach to your keys or even give you a squeeze ball at the ready on the end of a pen!

Whether you're shopping for yourself, a stocking stuffer for a child or a fidget toy for a classroom or other setting, our Gel Filled Squishies are certain to please. With their durable and adorable designs, the stress ball toys have a wide appeal and will have grownups and kids squeezing their cares away in no time. Shop the collection now!

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